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Bert Rankin Auto Broker - Denver, CO ~ Avoid All the Brain Damage & Regrets

Why Bert Rankin Denver's Auto Broker:

Bert Rankin draws upon more than 20 years' automotive experience, working for Cadillac, Oldsmobile, BMW, and MotorWeek Television Show on PBS.
Bert will never SELL you a vehicle. He instead COLLABORATES and CONSULTS with his clients, to ensure you make a NO-REGRETS vehicle purchase decision. His goal is for you to absolutely love your new vehicle and feel 100% comfortable and satisfied every step of the way.
You will never have to experience the stress, lost time, and pain of shopping at a car dealership again. Bert handles all aspects of your vehicle transaction, from the trade, purchase or lease, to exploring finance and warranty options.
Bert thrives on finding out of the box solutions to your car purchase problemsCall Bert today - 303-710-4181 and let him help you explore all the vehicle options, purchase options, and get the exact car you want at a competitive price with none of the stress nor hassle.


The Smart Way to Buy or Lease a Vehicle

We do it all for you... From start to finish:

  • New & Pre-owned Cars & Trucks
  • Lease or Buy
  • Manufacturer's Rebates
  • Special Financing Offers
  • Factory Orders
  • No Haggling
  • Top Trade Values
  • Professional Advice
  • Industry Experience
  • No Dealer Add-on Fees
  • Nobody beats our Vehicle Financing Horsepower
  • Warranty and Aftermarket Installations

Our Mission & Vision:

Everyone would like an automobile buying experience that is easy and hassle-free; where information was honest and unbiased; and with straight-forward pricing.  In 1986, H.M. Brown & Associates’ founder, Bud Brown, started a company to create this type of customer experience.  


His hope was that if he treated customers as he would like to be treated himself, he would create customers for life.  100,000 + automobile transactions later, it appears to have worked!

Our Core Values:

           •    Honesty and Integrity are our paramount value

           •    Treat customers as we would want to be treated
           •    Provide straight-forward, unbiased information
           •    Offer fair-market value pricing without the customer’s need to negotiate
           •    Offer finance and lease rates at or below market value
           •    Never charge add-on fees to agreed upon pricing
           •    Continually enhance the skill level and knowledge of our employees
           •    Deliver the best possible customer experience to foster a life-long                            relationship

Today, more than 85 quality employees share H.M. Brown's vision and commitment of offering individuals and businesses the best way to buy or lease any vehicle. Since our inception, we are proud to have completed more than 100,000 automobile transactions with 93% of our business coming from referrals and repeat business. 

Our customers span the United States (49 States), the District of Columbia, and live in more than seven foreign countries.