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Great Lease Deals on Toyota Tacomas and Tundras and 4 Runners

Lease Payments Way Lower Than at the Dealer!

Save $100/mo or more on a Toyota 4-Runner or Tundra Lease with H.M. Brown and Bert Rankin, over Toyota Dealers! This savings subject to change, and is based on current leases in July 2016.

If you are in the market for a Truck or SUV, Bert Rankin and H.M. Brown & Associates now offers an amazingly economical lease on the - 2016 Toyota 4-Runner with a real savings of more than $100/month vs. the same lease through Toyota Motor Finance!

Toyota Dealers don't have the horsepower and relationships with alternative funders that H.M. Brown & Associates has developed over the past 30 years, selling more than 100,000 vehicles, without ever advertising - relying upon our trusted brand, stellar reputation, and customer repeat and referrals!

Please call Bert Rankin today for more information and a Zero Hassle Test Drive of the 4-Runner, plus any other vehicles - 303-710-4181.

The H.M. Brown 4-Runner lease is priced so much lower than what Toyota dealers can offer, an executive from a national Toyota franchise recently came to H.M. Brown to lease himself a 4-Runner vs. going through Toyota Motor Finance and paying significantly more!

Read the small print on those "to-good-to-believe" dealer leases, and you'll generally discover these surprises:

- Only cover 8,000 or 10,000 miles per year
- Do not include $499 Dealer Handling
- Do not include $700'ish Acquisition Fee

- AND most of all... Require you to put down huge sums of money from $2,500 to $5,000+.

To avoid tricking customers, H.M. Brown quotes all our leases with $0 down, 12k miles per year, and all costs, except taxes, are included in the quoted payment! Plus, we never charge any Dealer Fees to our lifetime customers!

Why would you want to put any money down on a lease, when you risk losing all your down-payment money if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. The insurance company only pays off your remaining loan balance and does not reimburse your $5,000 down payment on the lease!

To put this low-cost lease on a $37,460 Toyota 4-Runner in perspective, if you financed a $17,900 used 4WD Truck for 60-months, your monthly payment would be about the same as leasing a brand new Toyota 4-Runner SR-5. What Toyota 4WD used truck can you buy used for a market value of $17,900?

Well, a market appraisal reveals a 2009 Toyota 4-Runner with 140,000 miles has a market value of $18,047?

So, what makes better sense - to finance a 7-year old 140,000 mile used 4-Runner that will be worthless, likely unreliable, and expensive to maintain, when you pay it off in 5-years. 

Or leasing a brand new 4-Runner for about the same monthly payment under warranty, with 2-years Free Factory Scheduled Maintenance, with none of the brain damage, financial risk, nor unexpected repair costs?

Please call Bert Rankin today for more information and a Zero Hassle Test Drive of the 4-Runner and any other vehicles - 303-710-4181.

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